Expand drug testing in Struthers

Expand drug testing in Struthers

I support the Struthers school board in its efforts to require drug testing of student athletes. I believe, however, that in order for the new policy to be credible to all members of the Struthers school district, the start of the drug testing must begin at the top, teachers and administrators first. Once these employees all test clean, they can hold an assembly attended by all students and and discuss the significance of their drug-free lives and explain why students must never try drugs. That will carry a lot of weight with the students in deterring drug use.

Of course, if those at the top do not pass the drug test, they should be relieved of their duties — as in fired. This will be an example the students will clearly understand. And it will drive home the point to students that abusing drugs will cost you everything you have worked for in life.

Perhaps this school-assembly idea is currently the plan at Struthers once the new policy is adopted, but clarification is needed as The Vindicator article I read doesn’t address this particular issue.

If all employees are currently being drug tested — at random and at their own expense, as is being proposed for student athletes by the school board — then it certainly seems fair to filter the drug testing down to the entire student body (not just student athletes).

Since the school board’s goal is to have a drug-free student body (an awesome goal), all pupils will have to be tested at random for the board’s new policy to have any chance of success and fairness.

It is imperative that a new policy such as this will require those in leadership of the school system — teachers and administrators, as well as the school board members — to lead by example by submitting to the drug tests first, at random throughout the year, and at their own expense. Otherwise, it will appear that student athletes are being singled out.

Pat White, Boardman

Walk to VXI, save city $125,000

I read in The Vindicator that the city of Youngstown is spending $125,000 a year to bus workers to VXI Global Solutions’ office at 20 Federal Place.

You have to be kidding. The parking lot at the Covelli Centre is only blocks away from VXI offices. The city is wasting all this money for this.

There are other workers in downtown Youngstown who walk from a parking lot to work, and they do not get bused.

I work in Youngstown and do not appreciate my tax dollars being wasted like this.

William E. Reeds, Boardman