Closeup look at the ways Ohio budget will affect you

By Marc Kovac


On a Sunday night, hours shy of the start of the new fiscal year, staffers rolled a cart into the governor’s ceremonial office laden with stacks of paper.

The more than 2 feet of legislation and the legalese contained therein marked the completion of months of debate over how the state should spend taxpayer dollars over the next two years, along with a large dose of policy and law changes.

Officially known as House Bill 59, there’s something in it for everyone, whether you pay taxes, drive on Ohio highways, breed wild animals, bet at casinos, have kids who attend public or private schools, keep tabs on government meetings or own a dog.

Since taxes generally accompany death among certainties in life, we’ll start with the former and run through more than 75 ways the Ohio budget may affect you. Here today are the first 27:

1According to Gary Gudmundson, spokesman for the Ohio Department of Taxation, the eventual 10 percent reduction will save a family of four with a household income of $50,000 close to $100 a year.

Part of that could come in the form of bigger paychecks, as some businesses shift to new withholding tables. Or it could come in bigger tax refunds or lower tax bills during filing season.


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