Remembering how we got here

Remembering how we got here

As we prepare to celebrate Independence Day this year, we should be reminded of the statement made in 1776. America was stating that it did not like living under an oppressive government. The men signing the Declaration did not recognize the right of the government of England to oppress the people of the colonies.

It seems that today we have another oppressive government. A government that spies on its citizens’ conversations while denying that the spying exists. We, as citizens, can ask the NSA or the CIA if the spying exits. But the answer is predetermined to be a no.

What Edward Snowden has said is, “The answer is yes, and I know this because I was part of it.” This news is not good. We don’t like the idea that the government is spying on us, but don’t blame the messenger. Edward Snowden has only corrected the lie that was the official answer from the government.

We should be thankful there are Mr. Snowdens in this world.

Donald Butler, Warren

Where will the Snowdens take us?

Well, here we stand again, another whistleblower has wreaked havoc with our national security. When are we going to learn to keep our mouths shut?

It is disheartening to hear that the people we put our trust in are selling us out. What is even worse is people I have heard on our local morning talk radio show think they are heroes.

What is happening to our country? Are we becoming a society of pacifists?

The enemy is in the house, and we had better wake up before we face a much worse 9/11.

JIM EIDEL, Beaver Township

Something worth watching

Our community theaters are all great, and the caliber of local talent is always awesome. We recently saw “Les Miserables” presented by Spotlight Players in Salem.

The terrific cast provided an energetic performance reflective of countless hours of rehearsing their hearts out and doing what they love.

Each actor is important and Matthew Schomer as Jean Valjean and Tom Kusiowski as Javert, Lisa Brown as musical director and director Ryan Newell brought Les Mis to life.

Judi Gozur, Girard