Confusion remains for business about Affordable Care Act

Companies are still looking for information and a better understand of complex law

Some businesses in area welcome health law delay


There is a sense of relief among a number of local businesses that a provision forcing businesses with more than 50 employees to provide health insurance has been delayed until 2015.

On Tuesday, the Obama administration unexpectedly announced the one-year delay, until after the 2014 elections. The delay in the employer requirement does not affect a provision in the law that requires individuals to carry health insurance starting next year or face fines.

“We’re looking at the delay as a positive thing,” said Zack Orville, assistant manager at Das Dutch Haus Restaurant in Columbiana.

A number of businesses didn’t understand all the provisions in the bill, he said. The delay will help companies with more time to make plans for what to do when the law goes into effect.

“We’ve went to a couple of seminars about it and still weren’t sure. I think they were still writing some of it,” Orville said. “It’s kind of a blessing we have more time to decide what route we want to take.”

Employees haven’t spoken much about the individual mandate, he said.

“Most of our employees have insurance through a spouse,” Orville said.

Those who don’t have insurance have been waiting for management to tell them if they will be offered insurance or if they will have to seek it elsewhere, he said.

This provision will be a problem for both large and small businesses whenever it does go into effect, said Joe Bell, spokesman for the Cafaro Co.

“I don’t think anybody is popping the champagne corks about this. It’s just a reprieve,” he said.

Read more in Thursday’s Vindicator.

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