Quit beating up Paula

Quit beating up Paula

This media witch hunt (es- pecially TV) against Paula Deen is absurd. She honestly admitted she had used the N-word “in the past.” Who among us has never used a racial or ethnic slur at some time, in our lives, in our past?

There are hurtful and degrading slurs for other groups, but people aren’t losing their jobs or having careers destroyed because those slurs were used. Why must the media single out one particular slur as sacrosanct and ignore all the others?

Paula apologized for something she said years ago. She doesn’t say it anymore. When you know better you do better. That’s what Paula has done. If this destroys her, it will also wreak havoc on a number of other lives. All the employees working her various affiliations. Her TV show, her cookbooks, her cookware, etc. will be affected. We don’t have enough unemployment in our country. Let’s add to it by blowing this incident way out of proportion.

Terry Gallagher, Youngstown

Youngstown is making gains

Having lived in the 7th Ward for over 18 years after moving here from the Bronx, New York, I have nothing but good things to say about this city and the leadership.

When I first moved here there were over 60 homicides a year in the city and a lot of gang and criminal activity as well. Over these 18 years the leadership, beginning with the mayors, police and other officials, has done an excellent job in routing out the crime and cleaning up the city.

Recently the president commended the city and has stopped to visit. The paper has reported that Youngstown is the 4th best city in America to retire to and the 1st city when it comes to reasonable housing.

There are many Christian ministers working in this city and preaching the gospel to the residents. As a former street preacher in the Bronx I have had the honor of working with churches in this city, and there are many good people who are working to improve this city.

As a pastor on the South Side for over three years, I have never been bothered by the people, who have always shown respect, even the criminal element, who apparently have a certain if not total fear of God.

After spending 31/2 years working as a chaplain at the super max prison and camp I have seen conversions and repentance in inmates which even astounded the workers in the prison. Several have called me after their release and are now working and are a credit to their families and their communities.

The Lord is moving in Youngstown and all the gainsayers can never stop the work that God is doing here.

Leo Feher, Youngstown