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Toyota No. 1 again with nearly 9.75M sales in ’12

Published: 1/29/13 @ 12:00

Associated Press


It’s official: Toyota is once again the world’s top automaker.

Toyota Motor Corp. released its tally for global vehicle sales for last year Monday at a record 9.748 million vehicles — more than last month’s estimate of about 9.7 million vehicles.

It was clear Toyota had dethroned General Motors Co. as the Detroit-based automaker fell short, selling 9.29 million vehicles.

GM was the top-selling automaker for more than seven decades before losing the title to Toyota in 2008.

GM retook the sales crown in 2011, when Toyota’s production was hurt by the earthquake and tsunami in northeastern Japan.

The latest results show Toyota’s comeback.

Global vehicle sales for the maker of the Camry sedan, Prius hybrid and Lexus luxury model surged nearly 23 percent from the previous year. Overseas sales jumped 19 percent, while sales in Japan, where the economy has been troubled, recovered a whopping 35 percent.

Volkswagen AG of Germany, the world’s No. 3 automaker, sold a record 9.1 million vehicles.


Posted by VINDYAK (anonymous) on January 29, 2013 at 11:58 p.m.

Despite all of Toyota's recent recalls, the consumers have spoken. Apparently consumers are trusting Toyota's past history of their products and are not turned off by these recent recalls...or are they? This spring's sales could be a good measure.