Last thing needed are gun laws

Last thing needed are gun laws

I watched the president give his speech to fix the gun problem in our country. It was platitudes and grandstanding; he and Joe Biden presented a heart-string-pulling, $500 million solution to our school shootings. Give me a break. Not one word that the NRA gave a worthy, well thought out solution that can be put in place immediately, that will increase the safety of school children and staff immeasurably: security guards in every school that feels threatened. And it will not cost the middle class taxpayer a half a billion dollars. Many schools across the country have already acted on this NRA recommendation.

It is harsh, yes, but remember when we did not have to lock our doors. Things have changed. With the castle doctrine, (you can now defend yourself in your home without being arrested), and concealed carry (all promoted by the NRA), now homicide in the U.S. is at a 20-year low. Did you notice this was never mentioned by the president? What he said was 900 people have died by guns in the 30 days since the Newtown shooting. Not a word about the good guns do.

Citizens are arming themselves. Being armed is a way to try and not become a crime victim. The police are great, but they are really the second responders. You are the first. Guns are not the problem, law breakers are.

The NRA is not a boggy man, it is made up of millions of middle Americans, grandparents, fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, aunts, and uncles, from all walks of life. Yes, we have spokespersons, like all other organizations. We are seeing our Second Amendment freedom taken away by an anti-gun government, and we are trying to push back.

People are buying guns at an accelerated rate because they are afraid they will be left defenseless by the action of the president.

All the gun laws, and we have over 22,000 thousand of them, have not stopped the criminal element. Laws did not stop prohibition and haven’t stopped the war on drugs.

This president, either by intent or ignorance, is taking us down a fatal path. He is not ignorant, which leaves intentional. Comparing the USA in anyway, with other countries is an exercise in futility. We are a haven unto ourselves. What we do not need are gun laws, and total gun registration is one of the very worse.

Tom Page, Boardman

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