Fellows teaches young green thumbs


Neighbors | Natalie Scott.Dan (left) and Joey Earley worked together to plant the paperwhites at Fellows Riverside Gardens Jan. 8. To plant the paperwhites, they first had to fill the pot half-way full of dirt.


Neighbors | Natalie Scott.Natalie (left) and Nathaniel Warner came from Austintown to participate in the planting paperwhites event at Fellows Riverside Gardens Jan. 8.


Neighbors | Natalie Scott.Emmi (left) and Greta Barninger from Canfield enjoyed the chance to play and learn together at Fellows Riverside Gardens' planting paperwhites event Jan. 8.


Neighbors | Natalie Scott.The paperwhites lesson was lead by Fellows Riverside Gardens volunteer Briget Veck. She read the class a story and assisted them with their project before feeding the children a snack.


Neighbors | Natalie Scott.Deby Clark (left) and her granddaughter, Madison Bervish, enjoyed learning about potting plants at Fellows Riverside Gardens Jan. 8.



As part of the monthly classes offered at Mill Creek Park for preschool-aged children, Fellows Riverside Gardens hosted an event that focused on paperwhites and the magic that can happen when people take care of plants in a specific way. Each child who attended the paperwhites lesson received a pot, potting soil and five paperwhite bulbs.

The lesson was led by volunteer Briget Veck, who began the lesson by asking the children how they thought that the paperwhite got its name. She read a book about paperwhites and then told the children it was time to start planting.

The class was instructed, with the help of their parents, to fill their pot halfway full with dirt. They placed the bulbs around the pot and carefully filled the pots the rest of the way with dirt, careful to make sure that the bulbs were completely covered.

“Why do you think that plants need to be covered with dirt?” Veck asked. “Bulbs are fragile and they need the nutrients and moisture that the dirt provides. Always remember that if you want your plants to grow.”

The class members decorated their pots and watered their plants before having a snack to finish off their lesson.

Classes are hosted at Fellows Riverside Gardens two days a month for both preschool age and a children 6 and up. For more information, visit www.millcreekmetroparks.org.

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