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Campbell seeks issue renewals

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Staff report


The city council will be asking voters to renew two tax issues this year.

The 3-mill safety-forces levy and the city’s 2.5 percent income tax are expiring after five years, said Mike Evanson, the city’s finance director.

At council’s caucus meeting last week, council president George Levendis said special meetings might be necessary to make sure the safety forces levy is on the May ballot.

“We really need this to pass,” he said.

“They are renewals,” he added, pointing out that means there will be no new taxes.

The income-tax renewal has to go on the May or the November ballot, said Evanson.

“If the tax renewal doesn’t pass, we might as well close the doors to the city hall,” said Levendis.

“We will no longer be a city,” he added.

Evanson said that because the levies are renewals, the amount of millage and the percentage cannot change.

The safety- forces levy generated $197,284 last year, he said. The owner of a $100,000 house pays $105.