Columbiana COUNTY

New complaints

Salem Community Hospital v. Debra Paxon, money.

Keith Baker et al v. Vickie Fowler et al, money.

National Collegiate Student Loan Trust v. John Shircliff, money.

Anthony Daughtery v. Cierra Anderson et al, personal injury.

Dissolutions Asked

Keith Reynolds, of 37955 state Route 14, Salem, and Debra Reynolds, of 8112 Western Reserve Road, Canfield.

Divorces Asked

Kathleen Norwood, of 211 W. 7th St., Salem, v. Jon Norwood, of same.

Edward McNee, of 600 Terra Verde Ave., Columbiana, v. Amanda McMee, of same.

Sara Jordan, of 1115 Vine St., East Liverpool, v. Brett Jordan, of 41551 Glasgow Road, Lisbon.


National Collegiate Student Loan Trust v. Angela Peebles, judgment for plaintiff on two counts.

Cleveland Clinic Foundation v. Margaret Foreman, judgment for plaintiff.

Bret Barber et al v. Marcus Stanley, a minor, et al, judgment for plaintiff.

Dissolutions granted

Shawn Theiss and Charlene Theiss.

Wesley Mays and Kristal Casey.

Dorothy Confer and Thomas Confer.

Crystal Bingham and Anthony Bingham.

Rita Perrino and Randal Perrino.

Michael McKinnon and Suzanne McKinnon.

Mark Cope and Darlene Cope.

Patricia Woolmaker and Henry Woolmaker.

Michael Marelli and Victoria Smith.

Gary Wonner and Kathryn Wonner.

Divorces granted

Amber Broadwater v. Paul Broadwater.

Kellie Adkins v. Randy Adkins.

Judy Drew v. Gregory Drew.

Stella Willis v. Frank Willis.

Chantell Watson v. Zachary Watson.



Equable Ascent Financial LLC v. Darlene Smiley, other civil.

State v. Sidney Jordan, sentenced.

State v. Robert O. Daniels, sentenced. (4)

State v. Gerald M. Burns, sentenced.

State v. Richard P. Miketa Jr., sentenced.

State v. Joshua T. Huey, sentenced.

State v. Charles J. Elrod, sentenced.

State v. Kevin Summer, sentenced.

State v. Dan P. Good, sentenced. (2)

State v. Elmer Hanshaw, sentenced.

Homean C. Baxter v. Stephen Geletka, settled.

Bruce Clifford v. Arrowhead Trucking Inc., settled.

Kayla Mason v. Nicklas Richards et al, dismissed.

Nationwide Credit Service LLC v. Christopher Keiber, dismissed.

US Bank NA v. Keith E. Nelson et al, dismissed.

Everbank v. Marlene D. Perry et al, dismissed.

Midland Funding LLC v. Jacqueline Kerns, dismissed.

Linda K. Carter v. Doug Moore, dismissed.

Dissolutions granted

Sandra S. Shuler and Theodore J. Shuler.

Ronnie Grubbs and Rebecca M. Grubbs.

Lori Onderko and Anthony Onderko.

Jerry L. Rudolph and Charlotte R. Rudolph.

Jennifer M. Pugh and Sean R. Pugh.

Dennis C. Morosky and Leah M. Morosky.

Linda Conway and Bruce Conway.

David A. Alicea and Tina M. Alicea.

Krista L. Beeler and Clinton A. Beeler.

Mike Villanueva and Michelle Villanueva.

Donna M. Martin-Shafer and Clinton J. Shafer Jr.

Denise A. Seitz and Robin P. Seitz.

Donald T. Black and Jodie M. Black.

Divorces granted

Shannon L. Kelly v. Shawn D. Kelly.

Amanda K. Dudzenski v. Richard J. Dudzenski.

Vickie L. Adams v. Michael A. Adams.

William A. Szabo v. Shelby L. Szabo.

Domestic cases dismissed

Peter N. Dellimuti Jr. v. Lori L. Dellimuti.

Kashcia E. Gore v. Eric M. Gore.

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