ministers’ wives council

ministers’ wives council


Officers: Vicki Ellis, president and financial alternate; Ella Peterson, vice president; Thelma Vaughn, secretary; Evelyn Burton, assistant secretary; Daisy Carswell, financial assistant; and Florence Simon, treasurer.

Founded: In 1941 by a group of ministers wives.

Past presidents: Mary Stewart served as first president from 1941-45; Harriet Walker, 1946-47; Fannie Cox, 1947-48 and ’53-55; Stola Breedlove, 1949-50; Jane Ann Chambers, 1950-51; Elva Britt, 1952-53 and ’57-58; Pauline Tony, 1956-57 and ’65-66; Ilar Smith, 1959-60 and ’94-95; Ruby Ward, 1960-61; Daisy Carswell, 1961-62, ’75-76, ’ 83-84 and ’98-99; Winifred Pippins, 1963-64; Annie Maiden, 1967-68; Beulah Long, 1969-70; Odessa Spencer, 1971-72; Ellen Vance, 1973-74; LaVerne Ross, 1977-78 and ’91-93; Odessa Clinkscale, 1979-80 and ’96-97; Irene Booker, 1981-82; Elsie Booker, 1985-86; Mary London, 1987-88; Florence Simon, 1989-90 and 2000-02; Evelyn Burton, 2002-05; and Marcia Davis, 2006-10.

Purpose: The purpose shall be to promote higher Christian ideals while creating a deeper fellowship among ministers’ wives; to help advance spiritual, cultural and financial interest in our denomination; to help promote our husbands in their Christian endeavors as well as protect and uphold the standards of the ministry.

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