Senior salute: Band edition



Names: Karlie Kowal and Robert Rumberg

Instrument(s): Karlie: Clarinet and Flagline

Robert: Saxophone

Q. When did you start playing your instrument?

Karlie: I began playing the clarinet in fourth grade.

Robert: I began playing the saxophone in fifth grade.

Q. Best memory of being in band/marching band?

Karlie: There are so many good memories of marching band, from the trips we take to every game — they all have their own specific memory you can never forget. I will also remember attending the various Band Nights, such as Canfield Band Night and Massillon Band Night, where many bands from all around the area come together to perform. Other great memories of band is marching at Disney World, playing at the BCS Championship Game in New Orleans, going to Cedar Point with the band and the opera. I also enjoyed competing in Solo and Ensemble, as well as the Marching Auxiliaries Regional Competition.

Robert: Some of my best memories will be attending all of the football games and Massillon Band Night. Other great memories are also going to Disney World and New Orleans. I also participated in district contests.

Q. Why is music important to you?

Karlie: Music is important to me because it is a way to express feelings. Being in the band gives you unlimited memories that you will always cherish.

Robert: Music is important to me because I enjoy playing my instrument and listening to the music.

Q. What college do you hope to attend/intended major?

Karlie: I plan on attending Bowling Green State University with a major in Business Administration.

Robert: I may attend Kent State University, however, I am currently undecided on my major.

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