East-West vulnerable. South deals.


x10 9 7 6 5 4 3

uQ J 10

vA 7



xJ 8 2 xVoid

uK 8 3 2 uA 7 6 5 4

vJ 6 2 v5 4 3

wQ J 7 w10 9 8 6 5


xA K Q


vK Q 10 9 8

wA K 4 2

The bidding:


1v Pass 1x Pass

3w Pass 3x Pass

4NT Pass 5v Pass

6x Pass Pass Pass

Opening lead: Ace of u

Here’s another hand from Eddie Kantar’s award-winning series “Thinking Bridge,” designed for players who would like to improve their game.

The lead of an ace at the five- or six-level does not guarantee the king. One frequently wants to lead an unsupported ace at these rarified levels. The king is normally led from the A K (x) at the five- or six-level. South’s jump shift is a game force and four no trump is Blackwood.

There is some confusion as to how to signal when partner leads an ace and a singleton pops up in dummy. Some play suit preference. However, when the possibility of a trump promotion exists, as is the case here, an encouraging card should be interpreted as a request to continue the suit. If West plays the eight of hearts (standard signals) asking for a heart continuation, a second heart play by East defeats the contract. After dummy ruffs, West’s J 8 2 of trumps morphs into the setting trick. As an aside, the Blackwood response has marked North with the ace of diamonds, so a diamond shift by East could hardly be right.

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