Campbell official called on to resign

By jeanne starmack


A Campbell council member called on the city administrator to resign, saying there are complaints in his ward that have gone unattended since the spring.

At council’s meeting Wednesday night, Fourth Ward Councilman Robert Yankle cited complaints about sunken stormwater catch basins and sanitary sewer covers on Courtland and Fairdale avenues; also, he pointed out there is a sunken catch basin on Wilson Avenue that caused $2,100 damage to a car.

He said junk and tires on Hickory Avenue to Morley Avenue have not been cleared away, and there is a sinkhole on Coitsville Road.

He also criticized how street plowing was handled during the first big snowfall this winter.

“We’re the joke of the county,” he said.

“I don’t blame the [street department] guys. They did the best they could with what they got. I’m going to ask you, Jack Dill, to resign from office.”

He added that if the mayor were at the meeting, he would ask him to fire Dill.

Mayor Bill VanSuch was absent.

Dill told The Vindicator after the meeting that he believes most of council approves of how he does his job.

“We did have a problem with snow removal,” he said. “A big problem was we ran out of salt.”

Salt meant for Campbell was mistakenly delivered to Struthers.

“But we plowed main roads,” Dill continued.

Dill said that up until the city passed a levy for stormwater issues two years ago, there wasn’t enough money to repair catch basins.

“But we have repaired quite a few this year,” he said, adding that the catch basin on Wilson was repaired several times after heavy trucks sunk it.

Dill said his employment is “up to the mayor.”

George Levendis, council president, said after the meeting he has not had complaints from other council members about Dill. He said snow removal was harder because used trucks the city bought for plowing “had issues.” He said he believes Dill is doing a good job, citing a $1.9 million state grant Dill helped secure for cleaning old industrial property on Wilson Avenue.

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