Mahoning County officials urge careful spending

Mahoning County officials urge careful spending


Those who oversee Mahoning County’s finances are urging county department heads to budget conservatively amid economic uncertainty.

“There is no room in the budget for growth,” Carol McFall, chief deputy county auditor, said of the county’s 2013 general fund budget as it now stands.

“We have to continue to be (financially) conservative and continue to look for better, more efficient ways of doing things,” said county Treasurer Daniel R. Yemma, who is a member of the county budget commission.

“We’re always emphasizing trying to do more with less, trying to take advantage of new technologies,” McFall said.

“All departments need to look at doing a little bit of reorganization and tweaking,” and should carefully evaluate whether employees who resign or retire need to be replaced, McFall said.

Yemma and McFall made their remarks based on the budget commission’s certification of a $2.5 million carryover from 2012 to 2013 in the county’s general fund budget, which brings that budget to $52,770,894.

Those numbers compare to a $4.4 million carryover from 2011 to 2012 and a $54,379,948 budget for 2012.

The carryover dropped because the county spent about $2 million more than it took in during 2012, McFall explained.

The general fund is the county’s main operating fund, which supports the county jail, courts, prosecutor’s office, 911 emergency dispatching center and other central county government functions.

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