Something is wrong with us

Something is wrong with us

What a sick unimaginable world we have become. A home was set ablaze for the sole purpose of ambushing the fire department when it responded; to slay firemen who try to help those in distress. Has America become a hateful nation within itself?

Our own citizens, some criminally minded and the mentally ill present in our society, have found a way to take revenge on their imaginary and hated enemies, innocent people unknown to them. Children — young, innocent and pure in heart — have been stalked, gunned down and butchered in a school by a mentally unstable young person. He has robbed their families of a most prized love, their children.

People who commit these acts of evil hatred rationalize life in a different way than normal citizens. People have become targets of deranged individuals who want to show the world how upset they are.

I feel that America has evolved into too much freedom — away from religion, lack of family core values, saturated with drugs and alcohol and lacking respect and discipline. We try to have all the luxuries and pleasures of today’s society and its technology. You can obtain almost anything you want one way or another as we descend.

I remember going to the circus when I was young, meandering eventually to the sideshow, which was something different. Now it seems we have become the sideshow. We are paying for the multitude of unharnessed freedoms.

God help us, for it surely seems we have lost our way.

Paul R. Lawson, McDonald