Democrats demonize the rich

Democrats demonize the rich

Based on the reaction to a lettter I wrote last month, it appears that some people do not appreciate my opinion that the country is over and kaput because the tax consumers now outnumber the tax producers. However, that is a hard cold reality that cannot be ignored, one that is driving us toward total collapse. To make matters worse, the tax consumers have acquired a visceral hatred of the tax producers — spurred on by Barak Obama himself — and that fact is accelerating our decline.

It is frightfully reminiscent of 1933-1945 Germany. If you examine the hate-filled rhetoric from that period and substitute the word “rich” for the word “Jew,” there is not much difference in what is being said now by the Democrats than what was being said then by the Nazis. One sector of a society cannot attack and destroy another sector and expect the society to survive, especially when the sector being attacked is the one holding up and supporting the whole society. That is happening now, and that is why we are doomed.

So what can be done? Well, I think it is time for a do-over — a national do-over. This country needs to go back to its beginnings, literally. We need to revert to our original Constitution and first 12 Amendments (i.e. Bill of Rights) and start over again. Throw out Obama, all the dopes in Congress, all the federal judges, all the other amendments, laws, departments, bureaus, regulations, taxes — all of it. Then we start again. But this time we do so with the hindsight of where we went wrong the first time in order not to repeat the same mistakes.

Some people might consider my proposal to be absurd. But is it any more absurd than targeting and destroying the very people who are creating all the jobs and paying all the bills?

Joseph K. Waltenbaugh, New Castle, Pa.

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