From one Marine to another

From one Marine to another

To the gentleman dining at the Olive Garden in Boardman around 7 p.m. New Year’s Day, thank you on behalf of Pfc. Brandon Marion, USMC, for your “random act of kindness” by leaving a gift card for his and his date’s dinner.

Since he has no way of contacting you and has returned to base, I, his grandmother, am writing at Pfc. Marion’s request. He understood that you are a fellow Marine serving in years past. Please know that Pfc. Marion is realizing his lifetime dream of serving our great country in this manner and intends to make it his career.

Once again, thank you for your kindness and also for your service.

June Marion, Poland

Would fewer die tomorrow if we all paid more attention today?

Did what happened in New- town, Conn., have to happen, or could it have been averted? In 2012 in one city alone, the city of Chicago, 2,400 Black and Hispanic kids have been shot, with around 500 dead. That’s right, 500 killed in the streets in the past year, killed with AK 47s and Bushmasters like the one used in Newtown and every other type of high powered assault weapon imaginable.

Where was the media? Everyone just went on with their lives. Well we’ve all heard the talk. Let them kill themselves, who cares about them. They can all kill each other as far as I’m concerned. This is what society says. Warning: Be careful of the words you speak because your words will follow you home. If we just could have stopped and paid attention to what was going on, maybe these killings in Newtown could have been prevented.

I’m not naive enough to believe getting high powered weapons off the streets will solve the problem. However in a civil society these type of weapons don’t belong on the street in the first place. But when you take a good look around, maybe this society is not so civil. The NRA is like drug addict in denial. It can’t come to terms with its addiction until it takes the first step in realizing it has a problem. Of course, we all know the NRA’s drug of choice is guns. But who really cares? You can’t have selective caring; either you care or you don’t.

Sly and the Family Stone had a song out in the 70’s called “It’s a Family Affair” in one verse it says: One child grows up to be someone that just loves to learn, and another child grows up to be somebody you’d just love to burn.

As our children in Chicago, L.A., Detroit, Youngstown and cities across America lay dead in the streets with their blood soaked Christian crosses around their necks and praying hands tattooed on their arms, they knew if nobody cared about them that at least God cared who they were and what their names were.

Charles Penny Sr., Youngstown