Beware of the enemy within

Beware of the enemy within

When they were campaign- ing for public office, members of Congress promised to represent us, not themselves. So now they’re where they wanted to be, but they are only going to represent themselves and their political contributors.

We have troops fighting in other countries against terrorists in foreign lands when they should be fighting the terrorists in Washington, D.C.

I gave six years of my life to this country in the Army, and the most important part of my oath was to defend this country from all enemies foreign and domestic. Well it seems like the biggest terrorists to this country are sitting in Washington. They are doing what other foreign countries have not been able to do. They are destroying us from the inside. They sit up in Washington trying to figure out how to shortchange the people and protect their contributors. If they want to balance the budget, they should quit funding other countries with our tax dollars.

Why are we supporting over a hundred countries with our money? The American people should really try to find true Americans to sit in Washington instead of these foreigners.

Bruce Funton, Southington

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