Snow in December catches the street department by surprise

Snow in December catches the street department by surprise

Here we go again. Winter is here and it seems like it is a complete surprise to the Youngstown Street Department that it snows in Youngstown. A big snowstorm went through on Wednesday. As I wrote this on Saturday, my road and lots of other roads in this town have not been plowed. Not even once.

I understand that the street department is busy; aren’t we all? We all have jobs to get to and groceries to buy and medicine to pick up, but the street department doesn’t care.

I called to see when I could reasonably expect some relief in the form of a snow plow and was told, “we will get to it when we get to it, and if you can’t get off your road, stay home.” Nice advice to a tax-paying resident — if you can afford to stay home and if you don’t have to worry about your work attendance. My job expects me to get there, bad weather or not — no excuses — and they want me to be on time. Imagine that!

So, just how long do I give myself to plan on getting stuck on my own road, and how many times will I get unstuck and then stuck again. Well, that’s not acceptable.

As I am writing this there are several cars stuck on my road right now because we are getting another snow of several inches on top of the first storm that was never dealt with. No wonder my family is begging me to move out of this town. And this is just the first week of winter, which I’m pretty sure is noted on all the calendars, even at the street department.

Let’s be better prepared. There is no valid excuse not to be.

Theresa McCoy, Youngstown