Cal Thomas got it right

Cal Thomas got it right

I wholeheartedly agree with Cal Thomas’s article in the Feb. 13 Vindicator, “Dr. Carson should apologize to Obama.”

Our society is losing all its social graces and propriety. I’m not saying we need the pomp and circumstance of a “Downton Abbey” like protocol, but as Cal Thomas so eloquently said it, “His remarks were inappropriate for the occasion. It would have been just as inappropriate had he praised the president’s policies.”

The National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C. should be just that — a day of prayer and togetherness. A day to find the common bond, not the differences amongst us. To remember how to treat each other with respect, hold our tongues, and be polite, not political, just for a few hours. How much better everyone would feel. I hope Dr. Carson does apologize.

Sharmon Lesnak, Youngstown

Other wolves in sheep’s clothing

There is something missing from all the hoopla and revelations surrounding the probable criminal actions of Ben Lupo and his LLC cronies.

Certainly we have become aware of this businessman’s blatant misdeeds and lack of any respect for our dear Mahoning Valley. Just visit the wasteland of the former steel industry off Division street and it becomes perfectly clear that a person such as Lupo would take advantage of this sight unseen dumping ground left to ruin by another industry. He may have even been saying to himself, “Youngstown will settle for anything; dumping is a fact of life for them.”

While all attention is focused on Lupo, let us be mindful of wolves in sheep’s clothing. In comes BP with their full page ads seducing Valley residents with promises of true friendship with the Valley, our growth, prosperity and future at the heart of their mission. But then we remember the Gulf oil spill and years of BP’s flagrant environmental violations similar to Ben Lupo’s violations.

C’mon, Youngstown, let us come together to vote for the citizen’s rights based ban projected to be on the May primary ballot. Let us take charge of our health, welfare and environment and reject all plans to frack and dump in the city of Youngstown.

Kathleen Berry, Youngstown