Boardman mechanics save the day

Boardman mechanics save the day

When one hears the names Austintown and Boardman in the same story it is usually about sports rivals. I drive a school bus for Austintown Schools.

Recently I drove some students to the YMCA in Boardman. As I was dropping them off, my bus developed a problem. The gauge showed the alternator wasn’t working. I called the office and asked if I could bring the bus back and get another bus before this bus completely died. I was told to wait in the parking lot of the Y and another bus would be brought to me.

I asked if I could move the bus to the Boardman school bus parking lot which is right next door to the Y, because if the bus stopped running, the Y lot was so packed they wouldn’t be able to get the bus out with a tow truck. I was told to go ahead and move the bus, which I did.

As I exited the bus, a Boardman bus mechanic, Clint, walked over to me asked, “What’s up?” I told him about the problem I was having and that another bus was being brought to me. Another Boardman mechanic, Ted, came out of the garage. They started checking the bus over to see what was causing the problem. They told me to go inside and have some coffee and homemade kolachi, which I did.

In less than 10 minutes they found the problem, a belt tensioner and pulley. They had the part, so they pulled my bus into the garage, took off the bad part and put on the new part. As they were finishing up, the mechanics asked what time I had to pick up the Austintown students. I told them, “Right about now.” The other Austintown bus had arrived but the repair was completed.

As the mechanic backed my bus out of the garage the other mechanic told me that the bad part was in a box on the bus. He said to tell the Austintown bus mechanics to just send over a new part to them. To me, this was another of God’s blessing’s brought to us by the Boardman bus mechanics, Clint and Ted. Thanks to their kindness, I picked up the students and got them back to school on time, without missing a beat.

Bob Halko, Austintown