Another question about fracking

Another question about fracking

When The Vindicator re- ported on D&L’s deliberate dumping of hazardous frack waste, Mayor Sammarone was quoted, asking: “Why would you give the guy a permit in the state of Ohio after all those violations? How did that happen?”

This question can also apply to the drilling of a hydrofracturing well in the protected watershed of the Meander Reservoir, source of Youngstown’s drinking water. Tom Holloway, the chief engineer of the MVSD, claimed he knew nothing about this well being drilled.

The ODNR has, so far, permitted CNX Gas Co., LLC to drill the vertical well and at least one horizontal fracking well which will be 1.5 miles in length under our protected watershed.

StateImpact Pennsylvania is a radio collaboration between WITF, WHYY and NPR. Reporters Scott Detrow and Susan Phillips cover environmental impacts of Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale drilling. They reveal that CNX Gas Co., LLC has had 13 violations in Pennsylvania since 2009 and paid $78,250 in fines. One violation is similar to D&L’s. On July 23, 2012, they were charged with Code 401CSL — “Discharge of Pollutional Material to Waters of Commonwealth.”

Because CNX is a limited liability company formed by Consol Energy of Pittsburgh, the parent company will take no responsibility when the inevitable damages happen.The limited liability company is organized this way so they can claim bankruptcy after creating extreme environmental damage.

The City Council of Pittsburgh voted unanimously to pass a ban on fracking after a company dumped hazardous fracking waste into their river.

And now, our county commissioners want to supply this fracking company with our Meander Reservoir drinking water to frack this well?

No. Now way. We, the taxpayers of Mahoning County, say, stop this now.

Lynn Anderson, Youngstown