Oddly enough

Oddly enough

Netanyahu freezes spending on ice cream


After an Israeli newspaper’s scoop, the country’s prime minister has “frozen” his annual ice-cream budget.

Benjamin Netanyahu’s office on Sunday said once he was made aware of the state-financed contract issued to purchase ice cream from his favorite Jerusalem parlor he ordered it stopped immediately. Netanyahu called the contract “excessive and unacceptable.”

The Israel economic publication “Calcalist” published a list of items on the prime minister’s annual expense budget, including $2,700 for ice cream.

The prime minister’s office said the cost included hosting high-ranking officials at the official residence. Still, it offered a rare peek into the personal life of the private Netanyahu.

Bunnies taking toll on cars at Denver airport


Silly rabbits.

The furry creatures are wreaking havoc on cars parked at Denver International Airport by eating spark plug cables and other wiring.

To stop the problem, federal wildlife workers are removing at least 100 bunnies a month while parking companies install better fences and build perches for predator hawks and eagles.

Airport spokeswoman Laura Coale says that out of 4.3 million parking transactions in 2012, three claims were submitted for rodent or rabbit damage, and none was submitted with a claim for towing.

KCNC-TV reports there’s another way to stop the damage that can cost thousands of dollars to repair.

Mechanics say coating the wires with fox or coyote urine can rob the rabbits of their appetite. Fox urine can be purchased at many hunting shops.

Pa. woman makes spectacle of self, returns glasses


A woman has returned a pair of $2,000 eyeglasses she stole from a Pittsburgh-area shop after she made a spectacle of herself when surveillance video of the heist was broadcast on the local TV news.

Brad Childs, vice president of the Eyetique in Penn Center, tells WPXI-TV that the woman called the store after the station broadcast the video of Wednesday night’s theft.

The woman, who isn’t being identified and has not been charged by police, can be seen taking the glasses from a locked case while a man distracted a sales clerk.

Childs says the woman phoned him “after she saw herself on the news and asked me what we could do.”

Police in Wilkins Township haven’t decided whether the woman will be charged.

Associated Press

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