St. Charles shows school spirit


Neighbors | Natalie Scott.Eighth-grade cheerleaders, Ava Pernotto, Gigi Quaranta, Maria Bova, Anna D'Apolito and Joan Reardon, performed their cheer from Aladin at the spirit rally Feb. 1.


Neighbors | Natalie Scott.Seventh-grade cheerleaders performed a musical cheer to the opening of The Lion King for the St. Charles spirit day Feb. 1.


Neighbors | Natalie Scott.The eighth-grade boys basketball team made a homage to celebrity fame by wearing sunglasses at the St. Charles spirit rally Feb. 1.


Neighbors | Natalie Scott.The eighth-grade girls basketball team was honored and encouraged at the spirit rally at St. Charles School Feb. 1.


In a combination with Catholic Schools Week, St. Charles School hosted a spirit day rally Feb. 1 for all of the sports and activities teams in the winter season in the school gymnasium.

The rally had a Disney theme and showcased many well-known scenes and songs from popular Disney films. The rally began with the opening theme from “The Lion King.” Cheerleaders danced with antlers and other animal costumes while playing the parts from the movie. Students cheered as one cheerleader, playing the part of Rafiki the monkey, raised a stuffed animal version of baby Simba. Next, the cheerleaders moved on to a dance and cheer that was to a song featured in “Aladdin.” Eighth-grade cheerleaders carried one of their teammates in, giving the illusion of a flying carpet ride.

Eighth-grade cheerleaders played a large role in the spirit rally, taking on lead parts in the Disney portrayals and doing featured cheers. This rally was their last at St. Charles School and they made it memorable for both the students watching from the audience and the teams being cheered on in the stands.

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