Hundreds of fashion statements for 100th day


Neighbors | Natalie Scott.One student, Evan Jones, glued 100 googly eyes to make a monster on his T-shirt for the 100th day of school fashion show at Frank Ohl Elementary School.


Neighbors | Natalie Scott.Kiara Reynolds decorated her shirt with 100 hearts in different sizes and colors for the 100th day fashion show Jan. 30.


Neighbors | Natalie Scott.Madison Beaudis showed off her shirt with 100 stars on it at the Frank Ohl 100th day of school fashion show Jan. 30.


Neighbors | Natalie Scott.Tami Franklin, a teacher at Frank Ohl Elementary School, was the announcer for the 100th day of school fashion show Jan. 30.


To celebrate the 100th day of school, Lynn Kirk Elementary School hosted a fashion show featuring student-made clothing and accessories that catered to the 100 days theme. Each class took turns walking the runway to show off their creations.

The fashion show offered many creative twists on the 100 days theme, such as 100 googly eyes on a T-shirt, clothes decorated with 100 heart stickers, socks decorated with 100 safety pins, a shirt with 100 stars on it, a hat featuring 100 stickers, jewels, buttons, shirts with 100 Legos glued to them, and clothes with 100 honeycombs on them.

Tami Franklin, a teacher at Lynn Kirk Elementary School, acted as announcer for the show and described the thought process behind each piece as the students walked. After the show, the teachers at Frank Ohl voted for their favorite fashion items and awarded prizes.

Other 100th day of school activities at Lynn Kirk included students dressing as 100-year-old people, along with other 100-themed activities.

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