Kasich is on the right jobs track

Kasich is on the right jobs track

When Gov. John Kasich unveiled his new Ohio jobs budget it triggered much media hoopla and many Democratic critics. But it should be clear to all who take a thoughtful look that the governor’s budget is focused on doing the right thing for working families and job creators.

There are three main components of Gov. Kasich’s jobs budget that demonstrate this. Reforming Ohio’s education funding, implementing common sense tax reform, and standing up for Ohioans’ health care all indicate a clear emphasis on getting results, instead of the politics as usual we have come to know only too well.

Before John Kasich took office as Ohio’s governor, our state was hemorrhaging jobs and was billions of dollars in the hole. Now Ohio leads the Midwest in job creation and our state is on the right path. Gov. Kasich has dedicated himself to expanding opportunity to learn, grow, work, and have good health care for all Ohioans. Ohio is fortunate to have such a dedicated and creative leader who is committed to moving Ohio forward.

Mark E. Munroe, Youngstown

The writer is chairman of the Mahoning County Republican Party.

YSU should be looking for a twin

As a proud YSU alumnus, I was enormously pleased to support the presidency of Dr. Cynthia Anderson. Therefore, I have read with great interest that, given President Anderson’s impending retirement, a presidential search committee has been formed to find her replacement. It is also my understanding that the committee is soliciting input regarding the qualities that Dr. Anderson’s successor should possess.

In that regard, I wholly believe that the committee should seek someone to emulate Dr. Anderson. During her tenure as YSU’s president, and even prior to that as a loyal YSU employee, Dr. Anderson exhibited critical traits, including her passion for the university, the welfare of its students, her deep involvement in the community, and her always approachable nature.

In addition, the recent announcement that YSU has raised $6.7 million in the last six months alone is indicative of Dr. Anderson’s excellent leadership. The next YSU president should be just as strong and personable a leader as President Anderson, if not more so.

We have been blessed to have Dr. Anderson as our YSU president.

Ken Brayer, Boardman