Ethanol plants idled

Ethanol plants idled

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The drought is taking a tollSFlbon producers of ethanol, with corn becoming so scarce that nearly two dozen ethanolSFlbplants have been forced to halt production, including a Valero Energy Corp. plant in Bloomingburg, Ohio.

The Renewable Fuels Association provided data to The Associated Press showing that 20 of the nation’s 211 ethanol plants have ceased production in the past year, including five in January. Most expect to resume after 2013 corn is harvested in August or September.

Scandal spreading


Europe’s horsemeat scandal is spreading and threatening cross-border tensions, as France says Romanian butchers and Dutch and Cypriot traders were part of a supply chain that resulted in horsemeat disguised as beef being sold in frozen lasagna around Europe.

No one has reported health risks from the mislabeled meat, but it has unsettled consumers.

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Selected local stocks


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