Hardrock Excavating is the subject of a state and federal criminal investigation as regulators probe allegations of its intentional dumping of drilling waste down a storm drain near 2761 Salt Springs Road. A look at what is known:

Fact #1: About 40,000 gallons of oil and brine have been collected from the affected areas, according to the U.S Environmental Protection Agency.

Fact #2: Ben W. Lupo, the owner of Hardrock Excavating and D&L Energy Group, has either owned or has been affiliated with nearly 70 companies since 1975. About 20 of them are still active, sharing the address of 2761 Salt Springs Road, Youngstown.


Listing of the dozens of companies that share the address of 2761 Salt Springs Road, Youngstown, plus a listing of companies registered to Ben Lupo, owner of D& L Energy.

of earthquakes, the most serious of which occurred on Dec. 31, 2011. Northstar is now doing business as Mohawk Disposal Management LLC.

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