St. Charles art fair displays works


Neighbors | Natalie Scott.Dragons were a popular theme among artwork created by St. Charles students for the art fair Jan. 29. This dragon was created by Sydney Reider.


Neighbors | Natalie Scott.Andrew Knotten proudly stood next to his picture of a dragon (bottom) at the St. Charles' art fair Jan. 29.


Neighbors | Natalie Scott.This collage, done by St. Charles student Kyle Jones, features a collection of Marvel comic book heroes, Spiderman, The Fantastic Four, Thor, Captain America, and The Hulk.


NNeighbors | Natalie Scott.Michael Mason, who spent two weeks working on his portrait of an owl in flight, was happy that he got to participate in the art fair Jan. 29.


Neighbors | Natalie Scott.This interesting sketch, created by Michael DiRienzo, won one of the awards at the St. Charles art fair Jan. 29.


Students in kindergarten through eighth grade participated in the St. Charles Art Fair Jan. 29 at the school. This was the fourth year for the art fair that featured work from students for sale to patrons and family members.

The art fair was put on with help from Kids Art Fair, a sister company to the Scholastic Book Fair, which was started by the same person. In the tradition of Scholastic fairs, frames and racks for artwork to hang on were sent to the school and set up the Friday before the fair started.

“Kids Art Fair makes this really easy, which is nice when you are dealing with a fair like this,” said Diane Capple. “The artwork is all student-made and the students created a portfolio of work throughout the school year. From that portfolio, each student got to select on piece for the fair.”

Even with the great organizational features of the Kids Art Fair, a great deal of work and preparation went into the art fair being a success.

“We started framing artwork Friday morning,” said Capple. “First, we had to sort all the frames and build the racks. I’m so grateful to all the wonderful volunteers who helped put this fair together. It really took an army of parents to get this place into shape.”

Judging of artwork took place earlier in the day and several pieces proudly carried the Judges’ Choice Award. Popular art themes at the fair included superheroes, animals, religious pieces, and more.

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