Poland library feeds love of Legos


Neighbors | Natalie Scott.There were an assortment of Legos available for children to build and play with at the Jan. 22 Lego event at Poland library.


Neighbors | Natalie Scott.Poland librarian Annette Ahrens showed her favorite Lego building book at the Poland library Lego event Jan. 22.


Neighbors | Natalie Scott.Children worked side-by-side to build Lego forts and houses at the Lego event at the Poland library Jan. 22.


Neighbors | Natalie Scott.Children built Lego forts and houses, complete with window, doors, trees, and people, at the Poland library Jan. 22.


Neighbors | Natalie Scott.Poland librarian Annette Ahrens (back) walked from table to table, offering building advice and ideas, at the Lego event Jan. 22.



The Poland library hosted a Lego session for children and their parents Jan. 22, offering Legos, books of ideas on Lego projects, and the space for children to spread out and build their to their heart’s desires.

“We started having Lego programs here last spring,” said Poland librarian Annette Ahrens. “We do a lot of presentations for younger children and we wanted to find a way to bring in older, school-aged kids and interest them in the library. We knew Legos were popular and it seems to be a success.”

The Lego event is usually for younger, school-aged children in kindergarten through fourth- or fifth-grade, but younger children are encouraged to come as well.

They may not be able to play with the Legos, like their older counterparts, but toddlers are welcome to play with the Duplos that the library also has available.

“This is out first time at the Lego event, but my son and I have been coming to the library for years,” said Paige Hemmis. “I think it’s great that the library offers programs like this. It’s a chance to children to get out and be creative with other children their own age.”

To learn more about programs offered at the Poland library and other branches, visit www.libraryvisit.org.

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