Boardman High School dance sweet on safety


Neighbors | Natalie Scott.Julia Lewis (left) and Julian Testa wore matching sea foam green outfits to Boardman High School's Sweethear Ball Jan. 26.


Neighbors | Natalie Scott.Vincetta Russo-Haber, the student council advisor, greeted students at the doors to the Boardman High School Sweetheart Ball Jan. 26.


Neighbors | Natalie Scott.Alan Olson (left) and Amber Felger danced together at the Sweetheart Ball at Boardman High School Jan. 26.


Neighbors | Natalie Scott.David Kornbau (left), Cindy Fernback, Tim Saxon, and Jared Cardillo (right), members of the faculty at Boardman High School, supervised students and administered Breathalyzer tests at the Sweetheart Ball Jan. 26.


Neighbors | Natalie Scott.Boardman High School was filled with many happy teens during the Sweetheart Ball Jan. 26. Nick Tancabel (left) and Kacey Dickey dressed in matching red and black for the dance.


Teenage couples entered Boardman High School the evening of Jan. 26 to attend the Sweetheart Ball. Decorations, food, and a DJ completed the transformation of the school into a dance party for the more than 220 students expected.

In times of old, that volume of students on a night out, may have carried potential negative consequences, but the school administration requires students to pass a Breathalyzer test before they can enter the dance.

“Having the Breathalyzer has really helped,” said student council adviser Vincetta Russo-Haber. “We have been requiring them for the past nine years now and it just helps make a more positive environment. We want our students to be safe.”

The student council-sponsored dance has been a tradition at Boardman High School for many years.

“We have been having this dance for what seems like forever,” said Russo-Haber. “It was modeled after the for-teens dances from the 1960s and ‘70s. We wanted to do something that the kids could come and hang out, dance and eat pizza and be safe while doing it.”

A king and queen of the Sweetheart Ball, Ryan Key and Antonia Triglia, were crowned the previous morning at school, along with their court.

Proceeds from the Sweetheart Ball go to helping the student council with its charities and projects within the school, like helping needy families during the holidays, expenses to help special-needs students come to dances, and more. This is the only student council-sponsored dance of the year.

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