Adults’ duty is to protect children

Adults’ duty is to protect children

Teddy Foltz-Tedesco of Stru- thers died from severe head trauma as a result of physical abuse. He passed away January 26. He was only 14 years old.

His mother is charged with child endangering in his death and her boyfriend charged with his rape and murder.

A family friend reported suspicion of child abuse to police. Child protective services were also notified. According to public comments, an investigation resulted in no action being taken.

Teddy was suffering abuse with no one to intervene; he must have felt such total hopelessness.

Adults are supposed to be a child’s first line of protection, not their worst nightmare.

Suspected child abuse must always be reported. Notify local law authorities, child protective agencies and school authorities. Follow up, question if your concerns are being checked out.

If you truly believe no adequate actions are in progress then notify them again. Try calling your county sheriff and state police. Notify the news media or anyone else you believe can help a child living with abuse.

No excuses for those not wanting to become involved. So what, if you feel like a fool. I have no issues with being wrong, it is better than living with the guilt of doing nothing. You just may be the one to help end the abuse and save a young life.

We all spend time on line and visiting social networks. There are sites addressing the signs and symptoms of child abuse. The signs may not always mean a child is suffering from abuse but it might be an indication.

Encourage your kids to tell you or a responsible adult if a friend or schoolmate is being abused. Caution them never to take any action on their own.

Abused children strongly fear their abusers. Threats of more violence will keep them quiet. Mental and emotional abuse go along with physical abuse. If questioned, abusers will say their child is lying or just causing trouble, a way to explain noticeable changes in behavior.

Child abusers have controlling personalities without feelings of guilt. They are simply evil.

God is holding Teddy close to His heart. May God bring comfort to Teddy’s loved ones.

Margaret Van Dyke, Struthers