Ohio drops license-plate replacement effort

By Marc Kovac



The Ohio Department of Public Safety has abandoned its efforts to require residents to pay for new license plates.

DPS Director Tom Charles told members of the Ohio House’s finance committee Wednesday that he would not be offering what he called a “dumb idea.”

“No, you’re not going to hear any more from me [on the issue],” he said. “That was a suggestion, and I’ve had a number of calls, but it’s not hidden anywhere. It won’t be. Unless you all put it in, I don’t think you’ll see it.”

In its initial budget proposal to Gov. John Kasich, DPS suggested requiring motorists to replace their license plates every seven years, at a cost of $10.

Rep. Matt Lundy, D-Elyria, asked Charles about the issue Wednesday, noting that he didn’t see any language in budget documents on the topic.

Charles said he offered the idea of requiring changed plates because aged sets are harder for law enforcement to read. But he said he is no longer pursuing the change.

Charles did say that he continues to support requiring two license plates on vehicles registered in Ohio.

Legislation introduced in recent general assemblies would eliminate front license plates.

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