News priorities questioned

News priorities questioned

This letter is in response to three headlines that in the Jan. 27 paper, in the World News section.

In large headlines, you stated, “Thousands march in D.C. for gun control.” Another large headline read, “Eagle Watch event is planned in Pa.”

Under the gun control story was an article with much smaller headlines, “Anti-abortion demonstrators march to U.S. Supreme Court.” You wrote that, “the large turnout reflected the ongoing relevance of the abortion debate four decades after the Jan. 22, 1973 ,decision.”

For your information, there were close to 500,000 people in Washington, protesting the killing of 55 million babies through abortion during the last 40 years. That should have been the large headlines.

Does The Vindicator think that the first two events are more important than the life issue? If we allow abortion, assisted suicide and euthanasia, why can’t we allow all killing? What is the difference between killing with a gun or killing with forceps?

Killing is taking a life, no matter at what stage. And it is always wrong.

The only way to stop all killing is by changing hearts not gun laws.

Wake up, America, before God has to wake us.

Regina Yurick, Struthers