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Family seeking answers in hit/skip accident

Family seeking answers in hit/skip accident
Published: 2/5/13 @ 12:00

By John W. Goodwin Jr.


Family and friends of a city man killed in a hit-and-run accident over the weekend are looking for answers and suspects in his death.

Robert Brown, 23, of Youngstown, reportedly was leaving a bar on Hylda Avenue late Saturday walking to his car with a friend. A car traveling down Hylda at a considerable rate of speed hit Brown as he was walking. The car continued without stopping.

Brown was rushed to St. Elizabeth Health Center and taken into surgery but did not awaken after efforts to save his life.

Lt. William Ross of the Youngstown Police Department accident- investigation unit said the investigation into who is responsible for hitting Brown is ongoing and police are following leads and working feverishly to bring the responsible person to justice.

Laura Bell, a friend of the Brown family’s, said the family also would like any input from those who may have been standing outside the Hylda Avenue bar when the accident took place.

“We just felt like if we could get the story out there, maybe somebody will come forward. This is just tragic. ... There are always people outside of a bar when it is closing, and maybe somebody saw something,” she said.

Bell said it is difficult to understand how someone could run down an innocent person and continue driving without any care about the injured person’s well-being.

“It’s sad because people do these stupid things all the time but probably did not think he would die. Now that he is gone — it would just eat me up if it were me who just hit someone and kept going like that,” she said.

Brown was engaged to be married and looking forward to moving into a Boardman-area home with his future wife, Bell said.

Police are not releasing any details about the accident.

In another accident, two men pushing a car in the area of Midlothian Boulevard and Euclid Avenue were hit by a car about 2:30 a.m. Monday. Both men were taken to the hospital with severe leg injuries but are expected to live.

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