Looking for signs of peace

Looking for signs of peace

As a parent and a concerned citizen, like most others parents and concerned citizens, I have been troubled by the recent acts of random violence, especially the tragic event in Newtown, Conn..

Doing nothing, for me, is not an option, so I have decided to start a “Peace on Earth,” campaign. I am asking businesses with changeable letter signs to devote one line for the simple message,’ Peace on Earth,” with the hope that this simple message will help foster a more peaceful environment and perhaps curb the violence. Please join me. Change your sign and help bring, “Peace on Earth.”

Alan Davis, Youngstown

ESC, not MCBDD, was involved

Headlines in a newspaper can send inaccurate and damaging messages to readers.

The Vindicator owes the Mahoning County Board for the Developmentally Delayed (MCBDD), including Leonard Kirtz School (LKS), an article whose headline and first paragraph declare ESC, not MCBDD, involved in an alleged assault on a student. The Mahoning County Educational Services Center (ESC) uses space at LKS. ESC hires its own staff and has its own training and behavior management policies.

When The Vindicator prominently uses the Leonard Kirtz School name, most people think of the programs the MCBDD operates in the building, not realizing other agencies use space there. If another agency, such as ESC, is making headlines in the building, then print and broadcast journalists have an obligation to prominently report that fact.

As the parent of a developmentally delayed individual who has benefited from MCBDD services for many years, I am disturbed and disappointed by the way this bit of “news” has been presented to the public.

Sandra K. Hewitt, Poland