North-South vulnerable. North deals.


x3 2

uK 8 7 6 5

vK 10 8 5

wA 9


xK J 5 4 x10 9 8 7

u2 uQ J 4

vQ J 4 v7 2

wK Q 10 6 2 w8 7 4 3


xA Q 6

uA 10 9 3

vA 9 6 3

wJ 5

The bidding:


Pass Pass 1NT Pass

2v* Pass 2u Pass

4u Pass Pass Pass

*Transfer to hearts

Opening lead: King of w

A transfer auction gets South to become declarer at four hearts. West leads the king of clubs. What do you play to trick one and why?

You want to protect against East gaining the lead to push a spade through your spade tenace, so allow the king of clubs to hold the first trick. With nothing better to do, West continues with a club, taken in dummy. You go after the trumps by leading the king from the table, on the off-chance that West holds a singleton honor — no luck.

You continue with a trump to the ace, but there is a normal 3-1 split. Continue with the ace, king and another diamond, hoping West has the length in the suit. He is end played. Down to nothing but black cards, he must either lead a spade into your spade tenace or else lead a club, giving you a ruff-sluff. Either way your spade loser disappears. Just another routine major-suit game.

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