Toledo airport hits a low for passengers

Toledo airport hits a low for passengers


The number of people flying in and out of Toledo Express Airport dropped to an all-time low in 2012.

There’s been a steady drop in passengers at the Toledo airport over the last nine years as several carriers have dropped flights.

A little more than 143,000 travelers passed through the airport last year, down slightly from the year before.

The Blade newspaper reported that the shutdown of DirectAir last March contributed to the decline last year.

Airport officials are hoping passenger traffic will pick up this year with the addition of Allegiant Air’s flights to southwest Florida beginning in mid-February.

787 grounded, but batteries can fly


At the same time the government certified Boeing’s 787 Dreamliners as safe, federal rules barred the type of batteries used to power the airliner’s electrical systems from being carried as cargo on passenger planes because of the fire risk.

Now the situation is reversed.

Dreamliners worldwide were grounded nearly three weeks ago after lithium ion batteries that are part of the planes led to a fire in one plane and smoke in a second. But new rules exempt aircraft batteries from the ban on large lithium ion batteries as cargo on flights by passenger planes.

In effect, that means the Dreamliner’s batteries are now allowed to fly only if they’re not attached to a Dreamliner.

The regulations were published Jan. 7, the same day as a battery fire in a Japan Airlines 787 parked at Boston’s Logan International Airport that took firefighters nearly 40 minutes to put out. The timing of the two events appears coincidental.

Pizza Hut to roll out new ‘pizza sliders’

new york

Sick of pizza after the Super Bowl? Pizza Hut is hoping to tempt you with tiny new pies.

The chain is introducing “pizza sliders” today, which are smaller than its personal pies and can be ordered in batches for families that want to customize their orders with different toppings. The sliders will be available in either a $10 box of nine or a $5 box of three.

The box of nine sliders would be the equivalent of a large pie, which has eight slices and also costs $10. A slider is 3.5 inches across; a personal pie is 6 inches.

Barclays’ finance director steps down


Finance director Chris Lucas and a senior legal adviser are stepping down from scandal-hit British bank Barclays, it said Sunday.

Barclays said Lucas and general counsel Mark Harding will leave once successors have been found.

Lucas is one of several past and present Barclays staff being investigated over whether the bank broke the rules when it took big cash infusions from Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund in 2008.

Vindicator wire reports

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Motors Liquidation, .0422.00

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Stoneridge 6.39 .13

United Community Fin. 3.18—.01

Selected prices at 4 p.m.Friday. Provided by Stifel Nicolaus. Not to be construed as an offer or recommendation to buy or sell any security.

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