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Joe Scalzo’s NOTES

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Fashion focus: Chaney High graduate Brad Smith, a Buffalo Bills wide receiver, is skipping this year’s Super Bowl but he’ll still attend a media-crazed event this month. Smith will intern with the Men’s Health fashion department during New York City’s Fashion Week Feb. 7-14. “I wanted to do an internship in the offseason and one of my friends had a relationship with Men’s Health, so he reached out to them,” said Smith, who spoke by phone Saturday morning. Smith said will shadow their fashion director and a couple different people from the magazine. “I think I can bring a different perspective,” he said. “I’m just a normal jeans and T-shirt kind of guy. I don’t wear the extreme fashion stuff. So I can view the industry and the event as more of an average person.” Smith played five seasons with the New York Jets, so he’s familiar with the city and its fashion. “Living in New York, I had access to a lot of different stores and different designs and things,” he said. “I dress pretty much the same [as he did in Youngstown] but I think I’ve added a few things and have clothes that fit me better. They’re not as baggy or loose-fitting. I just keep it sharp and clean.” As for today’s Super Bowl, Smith said he has friends on both teams, so he’s rooting more for them to do well than for a specific team. “But it kind of adds to it that the DeBartolos are from Youngstown and still have their headquarters there,” he said. “So if somebody has to win, it would be better for Youngstown if they did.”

Another Valley connection: Jim Fossesca, co-owner of Jersey World in the Eastwood Mall, is in New Orleans this weekend with his wife, Hope. The Canfield residents, who had end zone seats at Saturday’s “Celebrity Beach Bowl,” said they came south as much for the city as the game. “I love New Orleans — there’s nothing better in the world,” said Hope. “I actually wish more people from Youngstown would visit New Orleans. It’s more than just partying; there’s a lot of culture.” While Hope predicted a 49ers win, Jim (who was wearing an Indianapolis Colts sweatshirt) wasn’t so sure. “My head says Baltimore,” he said. “But my heart says the 49ers.”

Joe Scalzo

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