Halftime thoughts from the Super Bowl #vindybowl

Here's Joe Scalzo's halftime thoughts from Super Bowl 47:

  1. The only downside to covering the Super Bowl? You can't turn it off when the Ravens taken an 18-point lead.
  2. Joe Flacco has been almost flawless, while Colin Kaepernick looks like a guy with 11 career starts. I have no idea why Jim Harbaugh hasn't run Kaepernick more on zone read plays. The Ravens' defense can't hang with him.
  3. With two minutes left, the Superdome ran a video with instructions on how to use the "finger flashlights" we got on our seats. For instance, during Beyonce's "Halo," we're supposed to be waving our hands back and forth.
  4. I think it goes without saying that I will not be doing this. But I like that Roger Goodell picked a musician that is actually relevant for the halftime show.
  5. In case you missed it, I'll be giving away everything I got from this week, so follow me on Twitter @JoeScalzo1. Only people following me will be eligible.
  6. Just a heads-up, most of the Tweets after this week will revolve around Youngstown State athletics and high school sports.

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