Sisters reign at St. Christine’s spelling bee


Neighbors | Natalie Scott.Fr. John Keener acted as the pronouncer for the St. Christines Spelling Bee, in which students competed for a chance to participate in the Vindicator Spelling Bee.


Neighbors | Natalie Scott.Sisters Caitlyn (left) and Haylie Sapp were amused to find themselves competing against one another for the title of champion at the St. Christines Spelling Bee Jan. 15.


Neighbors | Natalie Scott.Caitlyn Sapp (left) was named the St. Christines Spelling Bee Champion Jan. 15, while her sister, Haylie, was named runner-up.


Neighbors | Natalie Scott.Twenty competitors, four from each grade in 4-8, faced eachother for the chance to be named St. Christine's Spelling Bee Champion Jan. 15.


In preparation for the upcoming Vindicator Spelling Bee, St. Christine’s School hosted its own spelling bee to determine a champion who would represent the school in the contest.

Four students from each grade, 4-8, spelled their best for a chance to be the St. Christine’s Spelling Champion. Three judges proceeded over the contest to ensure that the rules were followed. Fr. John Keener participated as the pronouncer.

“Our students have been preparing for this contest since school began,” said Karen Joseph, one of the chairs for the spelling bee. “St. Christine’s has always participated in the Vindicator Spelling Bee and we even had one student win.”

The rules of the spelling bee are that if the student spells the word correctly they go on to the next level and if they spell it incorrectly they are out of competition until there are only two students left. Then the rules change so that if one student spells the word incorrectly, the other must spell it correctly to be named the winner.

After spelling words like cloth, wrap, catch, invest, caption, factoid, amigo, reign, covetous and vaporize, only two students remained — sisters Caitlyn and Haylie Sapp.

After going back and forth spelling words correctly, Caitlyn was ultimately named the St. Christine’s Spelling Bee Champion.

“This was actually my first time participating in the spelling bee,” said Hailie. “It’s really cool that I got to compete against my little sister and I’m very proud of her.”

Caitlyn will go on to compete in the upcoming Vindicator Spelling Bee. If she should be unable to compete, her sister will take her place.

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