Thank you Vindicator, YSU for the tribute to Simeon Booker Jr.

Thank you Vindicator, YSU for the tribute to Simeon Booker Jr.

The Vindicator/YSU tribute to Simeon Booker, Jr. has been an American/world history lesson for the Mahoning Valley and its extended audience throughout the world. I electronically forwarded the information as it appeared.

As a participant and beneficiary of the Civil Rights movement of the the 1950s- ’70s, the importance of educating our present generation as to the courage, determination, and sacrifices of millions of “Freedom Fighters” from this era is of extreme importance. Their dedication to the principles of non-violent revolution set America free from centuries of racial and economic discrimination.

Citizens of all races, creeds and ages continue to work together to truly make America the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Tremendous progress has been made as the struggle continues.

Congratulations to Todd Franko, The Vindicator, YSU and the Simeon Booker group for a job well done. May this history lesson and the stories of its heroes be forever told and never forgotten.

James Hovell, D.D.S, Youngstown

Kudos to the retiring leader of important regional entity

It takes a region to build a competitive economy, and within that region it takes talented and dedicated leaders willing to stand up when duty calls. One such leader is Bill Christopher, who retired from his senior executive position with Alcoa in 2011. Among his many civic activities since then has been chairing a collaboration of business and philanthropy determined to forge a regional competitiveness strategy in Northeast Ohio.

Without fanfare or public recognition, Bill has worked diligently to build an effective team out of our often-fractious region.

Bill has now passed the chairmanship of that effort to the two of us, an obvious demonstration of the size of his figurative shoes. In this moment of transition we must express our gratitude and admiration to Bill not just on our own behalf but also on behalf of Northeast Ohio.

Ward J. Timken Jr., Canton David T. Abbott, Cleveland

The writers are new chairmen of Team Northeast Ohio, a 16-county partnership that works to attract businesses to the region. The Youngstown-Warren Regional Chamber is a partner.

Stop bullying us Christians

I am so tried that this govern- ment wants to be God. Telling people that we have to give up our health insurance for theirs. Tell us we can’t pray in our town meetings or anywhere else. Give out toys to the poor because Jesus’ name is in the organization.

The schools can’t sing carols about Jesus birthday it might hurt someone’s feelings.

If we had Christian lawyers who would stand up for Christians rights in this country, we wouldn’t be bullied. The Constitution stands for us and the Bill of Rights gives us freedom of religion.

Lots of people come to this country for freedom of religion because other countries wouldn’t let them do it.

Lena Fox, New Middletown