Mother arrested on obstruction charges

By joe gorman


Police had to use mirrors and a flash-bang grenade Thursday to coax a man suspected in the beating his girlfriend out of a North Side attic.

Cameron Dyer, 27, is in Mahoning County jail after his arraignment in Youngstown Municipal Court after being arrested on charges of domestic violence and drug charges and also two outstanding traffic warrants.

His mother Shirley Dyer, 47, also was arrested on a charge of obstruction of justice because police said she was lying about her son’s whereabouts.

He was taken into custody at a house in the 2000 block of Ohio Avenue about 11 a.m. Thursday.

Police were called to the street by a woman who said she was Dyer’s girlfriend. She said the two had gone drinking at a bar, and when they returned, Dyer punched her, choked her and pointed two guns and threatened to kill her.

The woman said she tried to call police but Dyer grabbed her cellphone and smashed it before he ran away. The woman ran to an upstairs bedroom in her house that was used by Dyer’s mother and used her phone to call police. Officers arrived but did not find Cameron Dyer and left.

As the officers were leaving, the victim called 911 and said Cameron Dyer had returned. When officers came back to her home, she was hiding in a car in the driveway, and she said he was inside.

Police tried to enter the home but Dyer’s mother was there. When officers told her to come out, she said she would when she got Dyer’s daughter dressed. After a couple of minutes, police asked again, and Shirley Dyer said police needed a warrant and she was wondering why several officers were outside the house.

Reports said officers could hear Cameron Dyer inside talking and after several minutes, Shirley Dyer was not there, reports said. She then allowed the child to come outside so police could take her to safety, and then officers entered the home because the victim gave them permission to search it, reports said.

Police noticed an attic door in the ceiling of the kitchen that appeared to have been recently opened, and Cameron Dyer was inside, reports said. They used mirrors to pinpoint his location but he would not come down until officers threw a flash-bang grenade inside, and another grenade that had non-lethal rubber pellets inside that dispersed when it exploded.

Inside the house, reports said, officers found small amounts of crack cocaine and marijuana, and in a car outside, they also found small amounts of drugs.

Dyer remains in the jail in lieu of $55,000 bond. During the hearing, he asked Magistrate Anthony Sertick for a court-appointed lawyer. He said he does not work but he does own a home on Oxford Avenue and does not have a mortgage. When asked how he supports himself if does not have a job, he answered: “My woman pays the bills.” He added he does not work because he is a “stay-at-home dad.”

Sertick said he could not possibly grant Dyer a court-appointed lawyer if he has no house payment to make and has someone else to pay his bills for him.

“You own a home free and clear,” Sertick told him. “Why should the taxpayers be burdened with getting you an attorney?”

“Well then don’t, your honor.” Dyer replied. He said he would hire his own lawyer.

His mother was not taken to the jail and arraigned earlier Friday. She remains free on bail pending a Jan. 23 trial date before Municipal Judge Elizabeth Kobly.

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