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Obama toxic for Ohio Dems

Published: Sun, December 15, 2013 @ 12:00 a.m.

By Bertram de Souza (Contact)

When the fall 2014 campaign for Ohio governor rolls around, today’s controversy over a tax scofflaw being picked to be on the Democratic Party’s ticket will be a distant memory. In politics, such crises have a short shelf life.

To be sure, Ed FitzGerald, the expected Democratic nominee for governor, will be spending the next several weeks trying to explain to reporters how it was that he, an ex-FBI agent, could so royally botch the vetting of a potential lieutenant governor running mate. FitzGerald, Cuyahoga County executive, insists that he knew about Sen. Eric Kearney’s tax problems. However, his decision to part ways with Kearney — after the Columbus Dispatch and the Cincinnati Enquirer revealed some shocking details of the senator’s business tax debts — makes it clear that he either was not aware of the extent of the problem, or was blind to the political ramifications.

New search

Now, FitzGerald, who before the controversy was trailing Republican Gov. John Kasich by single digits in a major poll, is searching for a new running mate. Some Democratic Party insiders believe that the road to the governor’s mansion leads through the black community. They point to Barack Obama’s twice carrying the Buckeye State as proof that a Democrat can win statewide even though Republicans control all the administrative offices, from governor on down. The GOP also controls the General Assembly.

It could well be that Kearney’s being black trumped his tax problems — for FitzGerald and his campaign operatives.

But there’s nothing to suggest that the black voters who turned out for Obama in his re-election bid last year will come out for a white gubernatorial candidate.

Democrats may be better off disregarding the racial blend of the ticket, and, instead, focusing on issues that Republicans claim to own, such as patriotism. A candidate’s military service is an easy sell, especially in rural parts of the state.

But, even with the strongest ticket possible, the Ohio Democratic Party has a problem that will require a risky political move.

This headline appeared recently in the Columbus Dispatch: “Poll: Obama’s approval rating at an all-time low in Ohio.”

The story, written by veteran political reporter Joe Hallett, read in part:

“President Barack Obama’s approval rating has plummeted in Ohio to the lowest point of his presidency, a harbinger of trouble in the 2014 off-year election for Democrats in Ohio and across the country.

“Only 34 percent of Ohio voters approve of Obama’s job performance while 61 percent disapprove, according to a survey released yesterday by the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute.

“It marked the lowest score for Obama in any Quinnipiac poll nationally or in any state.”

Given that the president’s low approval rating is directly tied to the Affordable Care Act — Obamacare — and the major failure of its website’s launch, the Republicans have a political gift for next year. If the Ohio Democratic Party publicly repudiates Obama, it may be able to win back Democratic voters who sat out the 2010 election for governor, thus handing victory to Republican Kasich.

Post-election analyses revealed that many Democrats were disenchanted with Obama and decided not to participate in the statewide election.

The result: Incumbent Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland, a former member of Congress, lost re-election by a sliver.

Black backlash

But if Democrats decide to shun the president next year, there certainly will be a backlash from black voters in the heavily Democratic urban areas.

FitzGerald’s dropping the ball with regard to Kearney’s tax problems will seem like a minor glitch compared to what he faces with Obamacare.

Here’s how Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac polling institute, defined the problem in The Dispatch story:

“Clearly, much of the reason for the president’s decline in Ohio is Obamacare. Ohio voters oppose the Affordable Care Act 59 to 38 percent. Perhaps more significantly, voters say 45 to 16 percent they expect their own health care to be worse rather than better a year from now.”

And then Brown offered this observation about next year’s election:

“If voters still feel that way about their own situation come November 2014, that is likely to create a political playing field beneficial for Republicans. Voters still blame Republicans more for the government shutdown, but that issue’s salience is being dwarfed by the opposition to Obamacare.”

What are the Democrats to do?


1TERRAPINST(302 comments)posted 9 months, 1 week ago

Like it or not, Kasich is a guaranteed 2 termer. A lot of reasons: 1. The Ohio Democratic Party is led by an idiot/narcissist-Chris Redfern has been a tragedy for the party. He was slaughtered in the 2010 state-wide ticket and should have been removed. However, Democrats prefer loyalty as opposed to intelligence, much like the genius of Mahoning County voters who continue to vote for a party who has literally corrupted away any hope for progress. 2. NOONE KNOWS WHO ED FITZGERALD IS. 3. Kasich will have 100 trillion dollars. 4. The recent brilliance of placing Kearney on the ticket simply because he is black doesn't matter-it is unfortunate but true- the African American vote is disproportionately low and the phenomena that occurs when Obama is on the Presidential ticket does not transcend to midterm elections therefore to insist on a black running mate is wasted effort and resource-its just math. The whole democrat push in this gubernatorial race is a joke and well-- amateurish. Race over. Bertram never say this-you actually were readable good for like 1 article a year pretty low average there bud.

Suggest removal:

2author50(1121 comments)posted 9 months, 1 week ago

@question reality... you are not referring to a certain radio partner of the Vindicator are you?

@Terrapin Street - you really know how to throw a curve ball at Valley Politics.

Suggest removal:

3TERRAPINST(302 comments)posted 9 months, 1 week ago

HaHa! Still don't know why folk think I'm the MC Dem. Party Chair. If you look at my early posts I am pretty critical of the guy. As Jerry said, "Once in awhile you can get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right"-However, most people think they know who Valleypolitics is despite his denials SOOOO. I guess that is the beauty of message Boards it allows us cowards to be bold. "Senator. We're all a part of the same hypocrisy' ahhhh quotes.

Suggest removal:

4TERRAPINST(302 comments)posted 9 months, 1 week ago

Ohhhhh yeah it's funny how Mr. "Free" has changed a number of his political views since being on the Vindy payroll. Cat pee and reefer.........
Got some advice there PATCHOULI!!!!!!!!!!!

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5Knightcap(699 comments)posted 9 months, 1 week ago

I'm glad to see democrats coming around to see what Obama truly is. A Professional Liar. Still don't know why black democrats support him other than race. It seems blacks vote race first, democrat second. Anyway, if Fitz is looking for a black running mate, Kitchen and the black sign language guy they found in the bush are looking for work.

Suggest removal:

6Joe6pack(52 comments)posted 9 months, 1 week ago

TERRAPINST is Attorney David Betras

Author50 is Sam Moffie

How do I know this? They both have told me in separate conversations. Both are low life's and don't deserve our time or attention.

I was heard valleypolitics died, who cares?

Suggest removal:

7papa1(662 comments)posted 9 months, 1 week ago

Knightcap, why do blacks vote democrat, really? ya think it might be because their chairman hasn't started voter suppression acts in 26 states? or maybe because democrats haven't taken the food out of the mouths of the working poor and the poor families and their children? or maybe, could it be, that president Obama wasn't overheard at a private dinner for the ultra rich saying he doesn't worry about the 47% of voters in the middle and poor classes, he cares only about the upper 1%? or maybe it also might be that democrats didn't cost taxpayers 23 billion dollars by shutting down the government? whadayathink? it sounds to me like too many of those knightcaps have softened your brain.

Suggest removal:

8TERRAPINST(302 comments)posted 9 months, 1 week ago

Joe6pack' s real identity is a f@!&^ing, delusional liar, because HE KNOWS he has never been told by myself that I am Dave Betras because I am not-Don't know who author50 is but he's usually spot on and very funny. How odd.

Suggest removal:

9TERRAPINST(302 comments)posted 9 months, 1 week ago

As for voter suppression its amazing to me that any attempt to assure voter identification and eliminate irregular voting activities is seen as suppression. I mean ya got an ID, you got utility bill? Its not hard. What are the individuals who oppose such practices hiding? There are countless documented attempts to illegally sway elections associated mainly with 1 party. Who was it that ACORN tried to GOTV for uhhhhhmmm... let me think.....uuhmm. oh yeah it starts with a D and ends with a T and its Democrats.

Suggest removal:

10Knightcap(699 comments)posted 9 months, 1 week ago


Woa, you're a good example of sheeple. This compulsive liar has many many sheeple like yourself believing in him. What's he done for employment, especially the black unemployed. How about NAFTA when he said that he'll make changes. What about those companies that went off shore, are they being taxed higher. The middleclass got squeezed more under the Liar. The gap between the rich and the poor widened under the Liar. Geez, I can list hundreds of his lies but what's the use.

Suggest removal:

11TERRAPINST(302 comments)posted 9 months, 1 week ago

The issue that I take with those who support the current administration is the BLIND loyalty despite facts. Sorta like how he was re-elected with the god awful numbers related to the economy that were his and his alone to account for. Facts are not big BUT he's cool, he hangs out with celebrities. The saddest part is it seems our electorate wants a rock star not a leader-we are absolutely rudderless on the good ship Obama.

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12Minority_Voter(18 comments)posted 9 months, 1 week ago

Brothers and sisters, it dont matter TERRAPINST or Devil Dog Betras both are racist white trash. When we elect our new party chairman, Jaladah Aslam we will win and kick Kacich out.

Boycott Betras!! Boycott Betras!! Boycott Betras!! Boycott Betras!! Boycott Betras!! Boycott Betras!! Boycott Betras!!

God Bless and the fight continues!

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13TERRAPINST(302 comments)posted 9 months, 1 week ago

Minority Voter you need to have someone proofread your comments because "It don't matter" is improper grammar or to put it like you'll understand "make you sound dumb". WHICH I am sure you are. I made no racist comments and as opposed to evading the issue, why don't you do some homework, beginning with English, then move onto bigger subjects like the elections issues which clearly show that the African American community votes at incredibly low levels. Then I'm sure you'll figure out who you can blame that on and in the end continue to lose.

Suggest removal:

14jmagaratz(166 comments)posted 9 months, 1 week ago

? of why blacks vote for democrats----

answer: because whites vote republican.....

there--very simple answer to a very stupid question

Suggest removal:

15TERRAPINST(302 comments)posted 9 months, 1 week ago

jmagaratz: Actually NUMBERS show that 93% of African Americans voted for Obama in the last election with 57% of whites doing the same. AFRICAN AMERICANS REPRESENT 12% OF THE POPULATION AND could never BE ENOUGH OF THE VOTE FOR A PRESIDENTIAL WIN WITHOUT WHITES DOING THE SAME. Further it shows that actually whites do not vote purely Republican SO wrong on that one. Also I did not say blacks only vote Democrat I said their turnout to vote AT ALL is low. But as I said you found some reason to explain this through blame. African americans traditinally do not go to the polls when there is no black candidate-in 2008 and 2012 they came out strongly-however AGAIN this does not transcend to midterms- which is the non racist point I made based onfacts which is being twisted by true racists to explain away reality. Mine is not an accusation its a math thing see. Further if your suggestion is that blacks vote in a manner of speaking purely becaues whites do not I cannot think of a more racially motivated, non-thinking, discriminatory practice. In other words blacks vote in some type of opposition/battle to and with whites? Well that's not racist is it?! Seems like your answer wins the stupid, bigotted award for the day. However candidates would be wise especially Republicans to attract Hispanic voters- again not based on class warfare as your comments attempt to initiate but on math- Next.....

Suggest removal:

16TERRAPINST(302 comments)posted 9 months, 1 week ago

To jmagaratz: After reviewing your comment I think I misunderstood your intention therefore I apologize if I was misguided about your intentions. You at least made me have to prove my point which is so rarely the case in these discussions.

Suggest removal:

17jmagaratz(166 comments)posted 9 months, 1 week ago

Memo to Terrapinst....

1) apology accepted; and,
2) your point was?

Suggest removal:

18TERRAPINST(302 comments)posted 9 months, 1 week ago

About low African american turnout. Was it your intention to make it sound as though All white folk vote Republican??? What was your point?

Suggest removal:

19lacrossemom14(14 comments)posted 9 months, 1 week ago

if you look at what Strickland did wrong, and what Kasich continues to do right, its clear that there is no race no matter who Fitz chooses as his replacement

Suggest removal:

20jmagaratz(166 comments)posted 9 months, 1 week ago


my point is: a) blacks--as a group--tend to vote democrat; and, b) whites--as a group--tend to vote republican...

changing demographics of population make-up seem to be towards overall "minority" (black, hispanic) voters voting democrat....

populations of rural areas are declining; suburbs are beginning to reflect economic dislocations; dissatisfaction is increasing--democrats will develop campaigns that reflect these realities.....

Suggest removal:

21jmagaratz(166 comments)posted 9 months, 1 week ago


off the mark about "race baiters" being limited only to those you mentioned; "race baiters" also exist among white political leadership.....

blacks vote democrat because of recent record (since LBJ) on matters related to civil rights and voting rights--they vote to protect their interests....which is also what whites do....

Suggest removal:

22TERRAPINST(302 comments)posted 9 months, 1 week ago

Think the comment is simplistic , no offense. Agree that blacks vote primarily overwhelmingly democrat. However population breakdowns and demographics dont allow for a statistically significant statement like white people vote for republicans to be accurate. For instance you certainly cant suggest that in Mahoning County white people vote Republican. Know what I mean?

Suggest removal:

23jmagaratz(166 comments)posted 9 months, 1 week ago


bottom line is that voters vote based on their own best interests--period....

politicians use "divide and conquer" as the means to solidify groups of voters around perceived "best personal interests"....example: use of term "welfare queen" term by white (mostly republicans) politicians to rally the white vote against the economically disadvantaged.....

Suggest removal:

24TERRAPINST(302 comments)posted 9 months, 1 week ago

evio: So very much concur with and appreciate your above comment. The office is always subject to criticism as it should be. However in 40 some years I have NEVER seen the ugliness that was directed at the Bush/Cheney administration and the venom that guided it. Of course current negatives aimed at the administration are due to the color of the actors and could never be based upon the failures of their policy! Sarcasm molding my statements.....

Suggest removal:

25TERRAPINST(302 comments)posted 9 months, 1 week ago

Truly am not. Again the immediate above statement. Oprah only claimed being black after she was wealthy-she was the great coddler of suburban housewives until she made dough.

Suggest removal:

26papa1(662 comments)posted 9 months, 1 week ago

terrapinst, so now you're copying other peoples passwords and writing garbage that they would never write. whoever you are, you are an ahole.

Suggest removal:

27TERRAPINST(302 comments)posted 9 months, 1 week ago

Wow papa so this is what you've come up with: I am someone I am not, I am a hacker. I am no Dave Betras this is the last time I will state that. You should stick to sports comments bro' although you are actually waaaaay off on most of those statements. Saw your above statements. So THE REPUBLICANS shut down the government?? Another genius: so if the Democrats were so opposed to shutdown why didn't they compromise? You see that's how the political system works. Democrats have utilized shutdown multiple times. Your numbers on costs are waaay off but its too deep a conversation to have with you. Going back to the Mitt Romney pre-campaign speech? Really. Newsflash Barack Obama's the President now and his approval numbers show that the majority of the country are most displeased with HIM. With regard to the poor-this administration has boasted the highest enrollment on welfare and food stamps for their failure to CREATE jobs. Unemployment rates that are historically bad and you still voted for that. You must not care about the poor. Finally, Barack Obama grew up in Kansas, Hawaii, went to Columbia and Harvard, vacations on Martha's Vineyard hangs out with Springsteen and Beyonce'. Ya you're right he sounds like he's really in touch with the needs of the working man. papa Let me know what else you need schooled in... bitch

Suggest removal:

28Joe6pack(52 comments)posted 9 months, 1 week ago

For all of us that have received texts and emails from TERRAPINST/Betras it's easy to spot his writing style. If he would spend as much time at his office working (as he does posting here) his law firm would not be going out of business.

Why would you be posting against Chris Redfern after all of those awards he gave you? The answer is you have no loyalties except to yourself. Anyone that thinks they can broker any kind of a deal with you soon learns that you are not a man of your word. Pity the fool who believes you.

Please call me more names Dave, sticks and stones . . . . .

Suggest removal:

29TERRAPINST(302 comments)posted 9 months, 1 week ago

Joe again, you are a liar about having been told who I am and you know it, but clear things up, what's your name if identities are so important to you. I thought you said you were told by the person you accuse me of being that he was in fact this writer??? What is it now you say its because of your ability to deduce writing styles. You lie so badly you forget your own falsehoods. I you post your name-I'Il post mine. Cmon tough guy-stick to your convictions I AM NOT DAVE BETRAS. DO you really believe that the ardent republican I am is just some intricate disguise??? Bet your a big grassy knoll conspirator. Another member of the nut brigade

Suggest removal:

30Joe6pack(52 comments)posted 9 months ago

Lets say just for arguments sake you aren't Dave Betras TERRAPINST. If you are a republican why would you defend the democratic party chairman and not just let him get trashed on here (as he deserves)?

All of this proves you are Betras and yes you did admit to being TERRAPINST. You are just another jackass democrat.

Suggest removal:

31TERRAPINST(302 comments)posted 9 months ago

Another Theory by Joedickspack, I thought you said you were told by the Chair himself, another attempt to prove the untrue. Again you lie so much you cant keep track. Where and when were you told this by Betras and why would he tell you? Are you one of those political hacks who pretends to be someone's friend and then bashes him-very common among Mahoning County Dems.

Suggest removal:

32IslandMike(752 comments)posted 9 months ago

Obama is not running again. The FIXED NOISE CHANNEL is making a big deal about his lousy approval rating. They made a big deal about his approval rating before he was SOUNDLY re-elected. FIXED NOISE said that no President in U.S. history was ever re-elected with an approval rating as low a Obama's. They forget to mention the four major things the Democratic Party has working in its favor:
1. The Tea Party
2. Rush The Crack Head
3. Sarah Palin
4. Megan Kelly & the KKK FIXED NOISE CHANNEL.

As long as the aforementioned stay in the public spotlight, they will push all independent / moderate voters to vote democratic. The dems are going to take the White House in 2016 AGAIN!!

Suggest removal:

33IslandMike(752 comments)posted 8 months, 4 weeks ago

Three months from now, people will come to accept ObamaCare and the Dems will be fine.

Suggest removal:

34ytowntomg(26 comments)posted 8 months, 3 weeks ago

win the senate in 2014, impeach Obama.

Suggest removal:


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