Officials probe shooting of woman on Ohio Turnpike

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Authorities in northwest Ohio are trying to figure out how a woman ended up taking a shotgun slug to her face while riding in a car on the Ohio Turnpike last month.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol said Julie Husband, 47, of Cedar Falls, Iowa, was shot with a 12-gauge shotgun Nov. 24 while riding with her family on the turnpike from Iowa to New York. She spent two days in the hospital and several weeks with her jaw wired shut. She’s now recovering at home.

State troopers and the Lucas County Sheriff’s Office continue to investigate. They have interviewed nearby landowners to find out who might have been out shooting.

The patrol told The Blade that it might have been an errant shot from a hunter, since that was the second day of Ohio’s two-day youth hunt.

Husband told The Blade that the shot shattered the front passenger-side window of their 2012 Toyota Pruis while her husband was driving on the turnpike in Lucas County, west of Toledo.

John Windau, a spokesman for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife, said officials there were not aware of the shooting.

Authorities released no information to the media about it until Husband emailed a statement to local news outlets.

The patrol’s Lt. Vern Fisher said the incident should have warranted a news release, but it was unclear why that didn’t happen.

Husband and her family hope their story spurs a discussion about “how gun owners might take responsibility for gun ‘accidents,”’ she wrote in an email to The Blade. “It seems to me that this is not about gun rights but about gun responsibilities. ... Requiring people to carry insurance for guns makes them more aware and responsible for taking the security measures ... they should take.”

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