Emaciated, abandoned dog on East Side rescued

By joe gorman



Workers at Animal Charity on Friday were trying to come up with a name for a pit bull/terrier mix found Thursday, abandoned with no food or water for six weeks, in an East Side home.

How about Miracle?

The dog, a female, looked spry Friday as she got some exercise, but the effects of six weeks with no food or water were apparent as her bones stuck out and she favored one of her legs because her ligaments were weak from going so long without nourishment.

Humane Agent Chris Flak said the case is one that rankles him.

“I have to keep an even head,” Flak said. “Being in law enforcement for 26 years, this one left me mad. Why would you do that? You just left that dog to die.”

Flak was called to a home at 88 Eliot Lane on Thursday by a landlord, who suspected that previous tenants had left the dog behind. They found the dog in a room filled with its own feces.

Flak said he has four suspects in the case and has interviewed some people. One of the owners of the dog has been in the Mahoning County jail in recent weeks and was not there when the other three people — two men and a woman — moved and left the dog there.

If charges are filed, they will be misdemeanors unless the suspects have previous animal-cruelty convictions on their records.

The charges then will be upgraded to felonies, Flak said.

Flak is looking for anyone who may have information on the case. If so, they are asked to call 330-788-1064, ext. 17.

Flak said despite the starvation conditions the dog had endured, she could be a lot worse.

“I’m shocked the dog is as well as it was for not having any water,” Flak said.

Flak said he had a hard time getting the dog to come to him because she was so lethargic and also was scared.

He has had a lot of cases of animals being abandoned but not too many as extreme as this one, Flak said. The dog has fleas and worms and will be getting treatments for both, Flak said.

He said the dog is not more than 3 years old and weighs just slightly over 29 pounds. She should weigh 50 pounds, Flak said.

The case was similar to that of another pit-bull mix Flak rescued earlier this fall at a home on the South Side that had its mouth taped shut with duct tape.

That dog has thrived at the shelter and has put his weight back on, Flak said.

The dog has seemed to taken a shine to Flak and was very affectionate to him Friday.

He came up with a name for her, too: Sweetie.

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