Youngstown residents will see a $1 monthly savings in garbage fees

City council also gave the go-ahead to a deal to get extra dog control help


Beginning in January, the cost to city residents for garbage will be cut by $1 a month.

City council approved the reduction Wednesday.

The current monthly fee is $15.75, and the $1 reduction equals a 6.3 percent savings for the city’s 22,000 residential garbage customers.

The garbage fee is included on monthly water bills sent to city customers.

“We’re collecting pretty much what we’re owed and that strong collection allowed us to have the money to reduce the rate,” said city Finance Director David Bozanich.

The city’s residential garbage collection contract is with Ohio Valley Waste Service, located on Mahoning Avenue on the West Side.

Also Wednesday, city council approved legislation permitting the administration to finalize a deal with Mahoning County to have one assistant dog warden specifically assigned to Youngstown.

This would be on top of what the county dog warden’s office does for the city with canine-control issues, said Law Director Anthony Farris.

“They are already obligated to handle Youngstown and they do,” he said. “This gives us a person who’ll be solely devoted to Youngstown in addition to what we already have.”

The proposed one-year contract, to start Jan. 1, would evenly split the $71,464.95 estimated cost of an assistant dog warden exclusively dedicated to Youngstown between the county and city.

One person would handle dog service calls in the city at least 40 hours a week with the work primarily done between 1 and 9:30 p.m. seven days a week.

About 75 percent to 80 percent of the county dog warden calls are in Youngstown, Diane Fry, the county dog warden, said earlier this week.

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