Mahoning road crews failed in dealing with ice on roads

Mahoning road crews failed in dealing with ice on roads

Two days last month, I had to travel some of our roads at 6 a.m. and had trouble believing the terrible icy road conditions that forced me to keep my speed between 15 to 20 mph.

The roads in questions were W. Western Reserve between Glenwood Avenue and Market Street, and Market Street north to downtown Youngstown. Also, Glenwood Avenue from Route 224 to Western Reserve Road was icy. Given the number of people who travel these roadways this early in the morning, the only road I found totally clear of icy conditions was Route 224; the rest were in deplorable conditions.

As taxpayers, we expect our road crews to be out there to make the roads free of ice for early morning travel, as well as other times of the day or night; and we haven’t even begun our regular winter season yet.

I know of at least two accidents that made the news during those days, but who knows how many other fender benders, or cars sliding off the roads didn’t make the news, plus various traffic tie-ups due to these icy conditions?

When a Mahoning County official was interviewed as to why so many roads were left unsalted, his answer, in so many words, was that they usually wait for the police to notify them of roads that are in need of salt service.

You’ve got to be kidding me.

The entire Mahoning County road system needed to be salted on those two days, at least the aforementioned heavily traveled roadways. If we have to depend on individuals like that to ensure our roads are cleared of ice in a timely fashion, I guess I’ll hold my breath and pray those in authority get the message from the fallout of our November snow.

Robert DeFelice, Youngstown