Obamacare’s birth-control rule promotes slaughter of babies

Obamacare’s birth-control rule promotes slaughter of babies

The recent letter, “ruling gives businesses ploy to bypass birth-control mandate,” in Obamacare is so annoying because the writer speaks of enforcing a law that mandates the slaughter of unborn children for the selfish desires of women who have sex with someone they don’t love and then want to destroy the product of that relationship. There couldn’t be anything more selfish or evil in the world than to destroy a human being before it is born into this world.

Having served in a Christian Ministry in 42nd Street and Times Square from 1980 to 1994, I saw many women decide against having abortions after seeing the actual pictures of aborted fetuses. Three pregnant women were going to the abortion clinic and once they saw the pictures they went home and had their babies. A year later they came back and showed us their beautiful little babies — babies that would have been dumped into the garbage a year earlier.

When is America ever going to learn that God is angry with the wicked every day? Almost 2,000 years ago a virgin named Mary was pregnant with the Son of God. Her husband didn’t understand and she was frightened. She trusted God and Jesus was born to save sinners.

What if she had an abortion? These very people who now celebrate Christmas would have thrown our Lord and Savior out with the trash. May God have mercy on their souls and a nation that saves whales and allows genocide of our most fragile human lives.

Leo Feher, Youngstown

Maybe Khrushchev was right: America lacks strong discipline

Crime has gone RAMPANT in the last few years. There is now a high volume of drugs in communities across America. Every year there is more violence, and it just keeps growing. There is no doubt that at this rate every community will be traumatized with fear. We must break this culture of violence in the U.S.A.

It has been said, “Spare the rod: Spoil the child.” When parents withhold discipline, the children are “thrown out with the bath water.” The former premier of the U.S.S.R., Nikita Khrushchev, once said to the U.S. in the 1960s, “America will destroy itself!”

I surely don’t support communism, but I feel Khrushchev must have felt the U.S. lacked discipline.

At that time we had a hippie movement and an increase in illegal drug use. Starting with the parents teaching small children at home to kindergarten through the 12th grade, instruction should be given about substance abuse. Children and young adults should have information embossed in their minds that substance abuse destroys humans and leads to premature death.

We, as a nation, are headed down the wrong path. If people in the U.S. would regard drugs and crime on the same level as playing the lottery for uncertain gains, this nation would be pretty much drug free.

Paul R. Lawson, McDonald

Whipping boys in tea party brew evil, mayhem for future of the US

Deep cuts in food stamps, trying to eliminate the COLA (cost-of-living adjustment) in Social Security, wanting to destroy the Medicare system, fighting to prevent the elderly and disabled from exercising their right to vote, trying to eliminate women’s rights and pushing for another job killing so-called fair and free trade agreement in the (TPP) Transpacific Partnership are just some of the things the whipping boys in the tea party congress are trying to shove down the American people’s throats.

Some of the things they think are needed are cutting more taxes for their millionaire and billionaire campaign contributors, giving big corporations trade deals on a fast track so they can move their operations off shore to countries that pay slave wages, eliminating all collective bargaining for public employees, breaking all unions, making all states right-to-work states, lowering or eliminating the minimum wage, etc. I could go on and on but I’m only allowed so many words.

The worst part of this bunch of tea party members is the way they are trying to brainwash the American people with out and out lies and innuendo. Lies about the president, lies about women, lies about anything that is anti-tea party, and they have Rush Limbaugh spewing lies 24-7. He’s the tea party leader and the idol that they worship.

The American people are starting to wise up to these people who would like nothing better than to see big corporations running the country. Remember this when you go into that voting booth, and say to yourself “they aren’t going to take away my right to vote.”

Bud McKelvey, Hermitage, Pa.

Stand up for Stand Your Ground

Regarding the bill in the Ohio General Assembly on revising the state’s gun laws: Ohioans, there’s nothing wrong with “Stand Your Ground” laws. They stop bullying when one leaves childhood and enters adulthood.

Steve Kopa, Weirton, W. Va.

Portman overlooks key point in his Op-ed on Obamacare

The Affordable Care Act funded the retiree health care plans of more than 6,000 corporations from the time it became law until now. At that time, it was expected that companies would have been eliminating their retiree health care plans to cut costs.

Those funds ensured that people who were forced into retirement before they became eligible for Medicare had a health plan. Otherwise, those retirees would have had to buy heath care plans on the open market. The retirees who had pre-existing conditions would have been quoted unaffordable premiums or denied coverage.

The previous system offered nothing to those people. The current system gave them a four-year life line. The current system ensures that they will be able to buy coverage next year and will be able to get subsidies if they have a low income.

Sen. Rob Portman conveniently overlooked those provisions of the ACA when he wrote his commentary that was published in The Vindicator recently.

This is not the first time that one of the president’s foils has been accused of “bearing false witness” regarding the ACA.

Thomas Pirko, Kirtland

Youngstown mayor unworthy of ‘Mr. Accountability’ title

Your article revealing the years-long rent-free status of the A.P. O’Horo business and the gall of our city leadership to react as innocent bystanders is appalling but not surprising.

We re-elected this government saprophyte to yet another position at the taxpayer trough. How dare Mayor Charles Sammarone be called Mr. Accountability when he has turned a blind eye to the citizens of Youngstown once again.

It would not be surprising if the big plan for Albert Street is oil and gas drilling. If Annie Gillam’s constituents are unhappy about a little concrete dust, wait until they might get the full monty from the fracking industry.

Kathleen Berry, Youngstown